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Stay in touch with colleagues and friends!

Step back in time to the mysterious world of Jay Gatsby. Prohibition is in full force and speakeasies flourish amidst flamboyant Art Deco Scenery.

Mr. Gatsby's party is the ideal place to talk business, but also to make a whole lot of fun. His house is full of suprises and each room you will enter is filled with another atmosphere.

Dress up and make yourselves ready for a remote event full of games, intriges and music.

Gatsby: Welkom

Need more info?

Let's stay together in these times where we stay at home.

This Zoom meeting will be as no other. You dress up & install Zoom. We provide drinks, music, different types of games and of course the presence of Mr. Gatsby.

Duration: 2h

When: Whenever you like

Basic price: 20 euros p.p. (min. 10 people)
Add extras: More people, tailor-made games, themed box with drinks & dress up props.

Price goes down with more people.

For friends it's all about fun. For corporations we can focus on fun or on different teambuilding assets.

Many extensions available.

Gatsby: Tekst
Gatsby: Projecten
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